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Our Story

The Farmer’s Daughter is currently owned and operated by Jeff and Carrie Thomas.


On April 1, 2003 Lynn Hennings (the original owner and founder) realized her lifelong dream of owning her own store when she opened The Farmer’s Daughter Handmade and Handcrafted Gifts. Since her days as a 4-Her on the family farm in Grafton, Wisconsin, Lynn would play store in her parents’ basement, selling her county fair sewing projects.


Visitors to the shop can see photos of the farm, her family, and her blue ribbon dairy cow from the Ozaukee County Fair. What started as a 4-Her’s dream became a reality with just under 900 square feet of space and 20 crafters. Now the shop has doubled its size and the number of crafters.


In 2010, Jeff and Carrie Thomas joined The Farmer’s Daughter as Lynn’s business partners.  After spending several years as consignors at the Farmer’s Daughter, Lynn, Jeff, and Carrie realized that not only had they formed a wonderful friendship, but that they all worked really well together and shared the same dream of owning a store. 


Jeff and Carrie have spent the last 25 years working as artisans. Jeff’s passion is working with wood and Carrie’s with fabric, so they make a perfect team. They both grew up in the Twin Cities, but after spending 14 years living in Florida they decided that home… really was here in Minnesota with their family and friends. 

In 2018, Lynn Hennings retired to spend time with her family and wonderful grandchildren.


Join us in living the team’s dream of owning a welcoming shop filled with unique handmade wares.



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Carrie Thomas


Jeff Thomas


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